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Roll self-adhesive labels


When a client enters any shop, a label will attract their attention first. The sight of it, within a few seconds, shall decide if the client gets interested in buying the product or not. If the label is neat, well-designed and perfectly made, the product or the brand shall increase their chance of remaining in the very saturated market.
Our offer includes multi-colour, information, decorative, thermal or bar-coded labels, which we produce in the form of adhesive labels on a roll.
We offer all media such as decorative, thermal, coated, or matt paper, foil, as well as specialist materials.
The labels can be made in different shapes and colours.

Our materials, as well as the refinements that we use, i.e. UV varnish, foilation, lamination, improve the aesthetics of the product and, simultaneously, constitute an integral part of Your Company’s image and marketing.

Multicoloured decorative labels
Multicoloured decorative labels constitute a packaging element of nearly every product in the market. The aesthetics of the label shall decide whether or not it attracts the attention of a potential buyer. Decorative labels have to be characterised by extreme neatness and they have to encourage people to buy.

Informtive and logistics labels
The role of informative labels is to convey the most important information in order to avoid misuse of a given object, appliance or piece of equipment.
They contain basic information about the product, country of origin, the name of the manufacturer and a description of the product. Moreover, they inform about any dangers resulting from inappropriate utilisation of the appliance or include instructions how to use it.

Thermal labels for weights and printers
Thermal labels are a specialised product which is utilised in many branches of industry in order to mark goods and products.
Multicoloured and clear labels are distinguished by the possibility of applying an extra print-out on the client’s weights and printers, such as: medesa, bizerba, zebra, avery denisson, etc…

Blank labels for printing
We make blank labels in many different sizes and formats, using thermal and thermo-transferable paper, as well as white and transparent foil.
We manufacture them according to our client’s needs and requirements on single, double or multi-breasted beams.
The offer is supplemented by colouring calques: wax, wax-resin, or resin for all types of printers with demanded width and beams.