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Files requirements

We prefer projects prepared in the following programmes:

  • Corel up to X6 upgrade
  • Adobe Photoshop up to CS4 upgrade
  • Adobe Ilustrator up to CS4 upgrade
  • It is also possible to deliver files in *.eps or *.pdf format

When providing designs, please pay special attention to the following factors:

  • to account for at least 2 mm slopes
  • colour realm CMYK, or Pantone colours
  • graphic elements should not be located too close to the edge or line of cutting, at least 1,5 mm distance is recommended
  • texts should be transferred into curves
  • line thickness not less than 0,1 mm
  • thin lines, tiny elements, small prints should use one of printing colours (eg. Only black, only Pantone, only Cyan)
  • font size at least 3-4 mm
  • resolution of bitmaps shouldn’t be smaller than 300 dpi in space mode CMYK, if possible with layers maintained
  • moreover, as far as printing using the flexographic method is concerned – fading colours into white should be avoided (it causes disruption of raster data off the polimer and visible side effects) using details in areas of low percentage value (less than 10% colour value) should also be avoided.